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In this article, I am going to explain “What is Encumbrance Certificate and How to apply for encumbrance certificate(EC) online in Tamilnadu”.

What is Encumbrance Certificate or EC Certificate?

A lot of peoples looking meaning for the “Encumbrance Certificate“. It is also known as the “Villanga Certificate“.

It is a government record to find out the issues about the land so before buying a property, you have to check the “Villangam Certificate” called EC.

Apply or Search Encumbrance Certificate | EC Online – Tamilnadu

Actually, there are two types of EC available. Those are,

  • Paid EC
  • Free EC

First, let’s talk about “Free EC”. To get a free encumbrance certificate about the land, visit the TNREGINET website. The website will look like the below image.

encumbrance certificate tamilnadu tnreginet

You have to click “Search/View EC” option. It will open a new page where you have to fill up the below details such as,

  • Zone
  • District
  • Sub Registrar Office
  • EC Start Date
  • EC End Date
  • Village
  • Survey No
  • Subdivision No
ec search online tamilnadu

Once you have entered all the required details then click the search button. The website will search the Encumbrance Certificate for the land and show the pdf. You can download and view the pdf file.

For this procedure, you don’t have to pay any fees. It is totally free but you can’t give this EC to banks.

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What is Paid EC?

Paid EC means you have to pay money to get EC Certificate. You have to click the “Apply Online” link instead of “Search/View EC“. To apply EC online, you have to create an account on TNREGINET.

apply ec online tamilnadu

To avail loans in banks, you have to provide the Paid EC or QR Code EC. The fees for this Encumbrance Certificate will vary for every land.

Once you have applied the QR code EC, you will get the certificate within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download EC from Tnreginet?

To download EC from Tnreginet, visit the official website and click “Searc/View EC” link then input all the required details and search. EC will be generated as a PDF within few seconds.

How to register in Tnreginet?

To register an account in Tnreginet, click the sign up link and input all the personal details. Finally, fill up the captcha and submit the form. That’s it, you have successfully created an account in Tnreginet.

What is QR Code EC?

QR Code EC means the EC will contain QR Code and Unique Number. You can apply for QR Code EC in Tnreginet. QR Code EC is the required document to get bank loans.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you to download EC Online in Tamilnadu. If you have any queries regarding this article please let me know via comments. Share this article via social networks to help others.

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