Klwap Dvdplay 2021 – Malayalam Latest HD Movies Download Free

Are you looking for a website to download Malayalam movies?. If yes, Klwap is the best website for that. Klwap website is also known as dvdplay.

What is Klwap 2021 and Dvdplay 2021?

As I have already mentioned that, Klwap is a website that providing new Malayalam movies free. Do you know? Klwap and Dvdplay run under by the same organization.

There are only a few websites that are available to download Malayalam movies. Among that, Klwap is a famous one.

klwap 2020

A lot of peoples asking this question – Whether it is legal or illegal to download Malayalam movies from the Klwap or Dvdwap website.

Answer to this question is, it is completely illegal to download movies from the klwap.in website. The website sharing new movies illegally.

Klwap Live Link: Download Malayalam Movies, Tamil Movies

Like other movie piracy websites, Klwap and Dvdplay not banned by the Government of India so you don’t have to worry about the domain name change.

I have mentioned the 100% working live links of the websites below. I will update the links regularly.

  • www.klwap.me
  • www.dvdplay.run

You don’t have to use a VPN or Proxy to unblock these websites. It will work without any additional tools.

Similar Websites to Download Tamil Movies and Malayalam Movies

I found that a lot of peoples are using the “klwap.in” website to download Tamil new HD movies. After doing research, I found some websites that are sharing Malayalam and Tamil movies. Those are,

How soon Klwap leaks out a new movie?

The website leaks out a movie within a week. Sometimes, It will take up to 2 weeks. If you want an HD print of the movies then it will take 1 month’s time.

The website expanded its service. Yes, now you can download Telugu movies, Hindi movies, English movies, and Kannada movies for free.

Kl wap gives the first preference to the Malayalam movies then next preference goes to Tamil movies so these languages movies get leaked out quickly on the klwap website.

What are the movies categories available on the Klwap website?

The below movie categories are available on the klwap 2020 website. These categories help you to find out your favorite movies quickly.

When a new movie uploaded into the category then the recent updates section on the homepage will show that the new movie uploaded into that category.

  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Mystery
  • War
  • Sports
  • Tragedy
  • Mythology
  • Comedy
  • Children
  • Sci-fi
  • Web series
  • TV series
  • Thriller

Klwap 2021 : Who is Lookup

Who is lookup means nothing but a tool to find out the details of the website such as,

  • Created Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Server Details
  • Registrar Name
  • Registrar Email Id
  • Admin Phone number

I am using Whois Lookup tool to find out the below details. According to research, I found that the website was created on 10.04.2020. It was registered in the Namecheap company.

With the help of Whois Guard protection, the registrar details are not showned in the Whois Lookup history.

klwap who is lookup

How to access Klwap website using a VPN?

Sometimes the website will not work without a VPN or Proxy. To access the website without any issues, you have to install a VPN tool on your pc or mobile.

  1. Install any one of the free VPN tools
  2. Activate the VPN
  3. Browse the “www.klwap.me” website

Do you know? You can find the new link to the website with the help of a VPN. The primary domain extension of the website is “.in”. Access the primary domain with VPN enabled, you will be redirected to the new link automatically.

Why Klwap is famous among others?

There are several reasons for that. The main thing is the server speed. Yes, even though a lot of users using the website will work perfectly.

In 2020, peoples are preferring to save time. If the download speed is low then no will visit the website again. You can download a 1GB movie within 2-3 minutes using the kl wap website.

The second reason is the frequent updates. Yes, when a movie released on the theatres then the website will upload that movie within 1 or 2 days.

The third reason is several video quality formats. Depends on your data pack, you can download new movies. I have mentioned the video quality formats available on the website below.

  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 300mb movies
  • 700mb movies
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • HD
  • Full HD

Why you should avoid klwap website to download new Malayalam movies?

It is a pirated website. The Indian government banned the website because of movie piracy. You should need to understand the risks of using a movie piracy website. For your reference, I have attached a video about anti-piracy by Ranbir Kapoor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is if safe or unsafe to use Klwap website?

The website is not safe because it using third party advertisement companies. I recommend you browse the website carefully.

How to block popups in klwap website?

To block the popups in klwap website, you have to install and activate an adblocker on your browser.

Do I have to pay money for watching movies online on Klwap?

No, You don’t have to pay money to download or watching movies online on the kl wap website. It is totally free of cost.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you know the services offered by the klwap website. If you have any questions regarding this article please let me know via comments. Sharing is caring! Share this article with others.

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