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In this article, I am going to teach “How to download Patta Chitta online”. Patta Chitta is used to verify the ownership of the land or property.

If you are an agriculturist then you must need to know ” How to get Patta Chitta Online” because mobile/xerox shops are providing Patta Chitta at a high cost(Rs.15 – 30/ Copy).

Do you know? The Tamilnadu government providing this e-facility for free of cost. You don’t need to have much knowledge in internet or computer to download the Patta Chitta copy.

Patta Chitta Download Online – Step By Step Guide

What is Patta Chitta and What is use of that?

TN Patta Chitta is a government proof of the land which contains the Name of the owner, Total land value, Land area, and History of the landowners.

For every land-related service such as acquiring the agricultural loan, you need to submit the Patta Chitta.

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Download Patta Chitta Online

Open the official website of the Patta Chitta Eservices. The website will look like the below image.

patta chitta eservices

Now you have to choose your district and area type then submit the form. It will open the another page where you have to fill up other important details such as,

  • Taluk
  • Village
  • View Patta Chitta Using
  • Patta Number or Survey Number/Sub division Number
  • Enter authentication value
patta chitta download online

Once you submit the form, it will open the Patta Chitta copy in new tab where you can download or print.

If you choose “Patta Number” option then you need to enter “Patta Number” only. If you choose “Survey Number” option then you have to input the “Survey and Subdivision Number”.

Do you know? Patta Chitta eservice is available on Tamil language too. If you are not comfortable with English version the use the Tamil version of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to view Patta Chitta Online?

It is free of cost. You don’t have to pay money to download patta chitta online.

Does it need any approval from the government officer?

No, it don’t need any approval from the government officer. It means once you submit the form you can take print out of the patta chitta immediatly.

Why I can’t download Patta Chitta online?

Actually, Patta Chitta open as a popup or in new tab so you must need to allow popups and new tab access in your browser. Nowadays most popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox disable the popups feature defaulty.


I hope this article helps you. If you face any issues please let me know via comments. I am happy to help you. Share this article with others. Don’t waste your money in mobile/xerox shops.

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