TN Patta Name Transfer/Change Online 2020 – Tamilnadu | Guide

In this article, I am going to teach “How to do online patta name change/transfer in Tamilnadu”. There are a lot of peoples looking for a solution to do online patta transfer.

Unfortunately, It is not a 100% online procedure. You have to visit the Tashildhar office but with the help of this article, you can transfer patta without paying the bribe.

If you have recently purchased a plot/land then you have to do patta name transfer. Okay, let’s move on to the main part of the article.

patta name change/transfer online tamilnadu

Apply for Patta Name Trasfer/Change Online – Tamilnadu | Step By Step Guide

As I have mentioned above, you have to visit Tashildhar office but before that you have to apply for Patta Transfer in Tnesevai Maiyam.

Documents Required for Patta Name Change

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How to apply for Patta Name Tansfer online in Tamilnadu

  1. Note down the Survey No of your land then visit the nearby e-Sevai Maiyam and apply for patta name transfer
  2. You will get a copy of the document from e-Sevai Maiyam and also you will get confirmation to your mobile number
  3. Now visit Taluk Office, get chalan from the Revenue Department section, and fill it with Survey number you want to change patta name then fill up the amount you want to pay(Rs.40/Survey Number). Finally, get the seal in “Treasury, Revenue, Land Survey department”.
  4. Visit the nearby bank and make the payment. One acknowledgment copy will be given to you.
  5. Finally, take a xerox copy of all the documents, Encumbrance Certificate(EC), e-Sevai Maiyam document, Aadhaar Card, and submit to the Land Survey Department in Tasildhar office.

That’s it guys, they will take your application and forward it to your VAO and Surveyor. They will came within 30days and allot new survey and patta number to you with your own name.

What to do If the VAO/Surveyor asks bribe

There are a lot of peoples are complaining that VAO and Surveyor asks Rs.3000-6000 bribe for patta transfer.

Once you have submitted Patta Transfer application to the Tashildar office, you will get call from VAO or Surveyor. If they ask bribe strictly said ” I won’t pay bribe”.

If they won’t do their duty wait for 30 days and file an RTI for the status of Patta name change. RTI means “Right to Information Act“. There will be a procedure to write the “RTI letter”. You can write in Tamil language. Don’t forget to mention your application number.

If you file RTI then you will get a respond within 30 days. With the help of that, you can know “What is the issue”. Still, VAO asks bribe then inform vigilance and get him arrested.

For your reference, I will upload a sample copy of RTI as soon as possible. Please let me know if you want the sample copy.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you to do online patta name transfer/change in Tamilnadu. If you have any queries regarding this article please let me know via comments. Share this article with others.

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  1. Time will Run if you visit Government i will guide all the Details call me for revenue department dotes

    Easy way to get patta.
    Everything is changed, Take a xerox of your document and ec and if you have fmb sketch with adhar card.
    Visit near by esavi govt office.
    They will scan and charge you 60 rupees. And go meet your area surveyor, and he has the writes to change name of patta know.

    If he ask any Bribery meet the seniors and then inform. It has to be done free as we are charged patta transfer, at the time of purchasing a property.

    Any More Questions call this number +9843939697 free of servise.


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