TNEB | TANGEDCO Know Your Service No/Number – 2020 Guide

In this article, I am going to show you “How to know your TNEB | TANGEDCO Service No/Number”. Do you know? TNEB removed the “Know your service no” option from its website.

Don’t worry! I came up with a solution. Before moving to the main part of the article, you must need to know the format of the tneb service number.

tneb know your service no

TNEB | TANGEDCO Know Your Service No/Number – Step By Step Guide

TNEB Service Number Format

  • Region Code (2 Digit) : xx
  • Section (3 Digit) : xxx
  • Distribution (3 Digit) : xxx
  • Service Number (4 Digit) : xxxx

Consumer Number(10 Digit) = Region Code (2 Digit)+Section (3 Digit)+Distribution (3 Digit)+Service Number (4 Digit)

There are totally nine regions in Tamilnadu. Those are,

  • Chennai-North = 01
  • Viluppuram = 02
  • Coimbatore = 03
  • Erode = 04
  • Madurai = 05
  • Trichy = 06
  • Tirunelveli = 07
  • Vellore = 08
  • Chennai-South = 09

For example, my region is coimbatore means then my region code will be “03”.

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Procedure to find TNEB Section Code, Distribution Code, and Service No

Note:- TNEB website removed the know your service number option so I have attached the pdf. With the help of that, you can find your section code.

Important Note: Unfortunately, I cannot find tneb distribution code list pdf anywhere. I will update this once I find the solution for distribution code.

Click here -> TNEB Know Your Service No

It will open a pdf file in new tab. For your reference, I have attached the screenshot of the pdf file.

tneb know your service no

On the pdf file, you can find the section and distribution code for all regions. You can search your section and distribution name on the pdf using “Ctrl+F” function.

You have to check your 4 digit service number in EB Card or You have to visit the TNEB office to know your consumer number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find tneb distribution code?

Tneb removed the feature to check your service number. It is not possible right now to find the distribution code.

How to find tneb section code?

I have attached the pdf on this article to find the tneb section code. Just open the pdf file and search your section name to find the code.

Why Tneb know your service number is not working?

I really don’t know why Tneb removed the feature to find the service number. I hope it will be added soon to the website.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you to find your tneb service number. If you have any queries regarding this article please let me know via comments. I am happy to help you. Sharing is caring! Share this article with others.

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